Touring Company

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Bringing live theatre to young audiences across Louisiana since 1982.

Playmakers produces three professional tours each year!

All three tours are original pieces written by local artists from our community.

Spring Elementary School Tours

The Spring Elementary School Tour travels to schools throughout Louisiana during late February, March, April, and May during the spring school semester. The production, an original musical comedy, targets educational interests for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. This tour offers a Teacher’s Resource Guide that can be used in the classroom for further instruction. Performances can be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Summer Neighborhood Tour

Summer Tour: Planet Nobuk

Planet Nobuk 2008 from the “Be A Star” state reading theme.

Playmakers’ Summer Neighborhood Tour brings an adapted or original show to libraries, churches, and community centers throughout Louisiana. This tour is performed by local artists from the community and is coordinated with the parish librarians throughout south Louisiana. One of the goals of the summer tour program is to aid in promoting library attendance while offering entertainment for children and families.

Wally Wise Guy Mini Safety Tour

Wally Wise Guy

Students love to see Wally Wise Guy, a huge turtle, as he dances around the stage instructing Sally on what to do during a chemical emergency. This tour also has a learning guide that can be used in the classroom for further teacher instruction. Wally tours in the fall to East Baton Rouge, Ascension, and St. James parishes.

Wall Wise Guy sponsored by:

The North Baton Rouge Chemical Industry Task Force and the CAER Committees in Ascension and St. James’ Parishes