Playmakers of Baton Rouge

Up Next at Playmakers:
A Year with Frog and Toad

August 24 – September 2, 2018
Performances at the
Reilly Theatre on Tower Drive on LSU’s Campus

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2018 Playmakers Family Reunion
Saturday, July 21st, 6-9p
Reilly Theatre

The Family Reunion you actually want to go to…

After Season 35’s tour of Baton Rouge at Mid City Ballroom and the Shaver Theatre, join us for a Playmakers Family Reunion back at our old home in the Reilly Theatre on Tower Drive in preparation of Season 36’s return to the Reilly!

This free event is open to anyone who’s joined us at Playmakers in the past – whether as a cast member, a crew member, a supportive parent or sibling, or a patron at one of our shows – as well as to those curious about what Playmakers is all about.

Our Family Reunion features:

-A potluck of food, drinks, and snacks
-Musical Performances from favorite shows past, as well as sneak previews of what’s to come in Season 36
-A live raffle with the chance to win great prizes and iconic props from last season’s shows
-Commemorative Playmakers Family Reunion T-Shirts available for purchase
-The chance to purchase your season subscriptions to Season 36 and Individual Tickets to Frog & Toad

The Grand Return of Mr. Todd’s Twinkling Tots and Teens Pageant*

We’ve missed the Reilly and we know you have too, so join us for a fun night of reminiscing, singing, reuniting with old friends, and looking ahead at what’s to come

(*What’s Mr. Todd’s Twinkling Tots and Teens Pageant? Only the worst “talent” show you’ve ever seen! Inspired by Toddlers & Tiaras and a favorite tradition in between Saturday shows at Playmakers, Mr. Todd hosts the saddest and tackiest talent show/pageant you’ve ever seen. Prepare your best talent, like juggling kleenex or burping on command, and register the night of the event for a $5 fee. Then, wow a panel of “celebrity” judges, and the “winner” takes home a special “prize”, perhaps a package of Ramen noodles, or maybe an old soccer trophy? America’s Got Talent has NOTHING on Mr. Todd’s Twinkling Tots and Teens!)

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As Playmakers nears the end of our fiscal year, we find ourselves falling short of some of our revenue goals. We are asking for your help in filling those gaps and ensuring that we start our 36th Season as strongly as possible!
We have set a donation goal of $20,000 so every dollar really does make a difference! Your support will help Playmakers to continue to bring live educational and entertaining theatre to over 20,000 children a year.
Please share with your friends and family and let them know what Playmakers means to you!
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Playmakers Announces our 36th Season!
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