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Theatre is coming! Playmakers is excited to announce auditions for our next virtual show… GAME OF TIARAS!
When the aging king of a Magical Kingdom (England) decides to split his empire between his three daughters, Cinderella, Belle, and the Snow Queen (who in no way resembles a copyrighted character), terrible tragedy ensues. Terrible, hilarious tragedy. Combining the gut-wrenching plot twists of Game of Thrones and the soul-numbing despair of Shakespearean tragedy, this adaptation of King Lear will leave you dying with laughter as the body count mounts. When you play the Game of Tiaras, you win or you die.
Auditions will be held via zoom on Sunday, September 20 beginning at 4:00pm. To sign up for auditions, actors ages 11-18, please contact to receive your time slot. Actors will be ask to read for sides that will be provided.
SHOW DATES: November 6th, 7th & 8th LIVE via Zoom


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