Summer Tour

Summer Neighborhood Library Tour


Each Season in June and July, Playmakers tours an original 45-minute play to the libraries of East Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes. Local professional theatre artists are hired to write, direct, design, and perform the show, which is always based on the national summer reading theme initiated by the Collaborative Summer Library Program. Each year, thanks to funding from our libraries, this program reaches over 1,500 patrons free of charge!

See more information, including performances that are open to the public, free of charge, below! To bring a Summer Tour performance to your summer camp or program, contact Danielle at

 2016 Summer Tour

“Just So” 

adapted by Morrey McElroy from the original stories written by Rudyard Kipling

Have you ever wondered how the Leopard got so spotty? Or why the Elephant has such a long long nose? How did the Camel get his hump? And why does the Rhinoceros have such wrinkly skin? These questions are cleverly answered in “Just So,” Playmakers Summer Neighborhood Tour. This fast paced, whimsical show, performed by a troupe of four storytellers, is based on the beloved stories of Rudyard Kipling. First published in 1902, the stories are Pourquoi (French for Why?) or Origin Stories … imaginative accounts that explain natural phenomena. The first of these fanciful tales came to life as bedtime stories for Kipling’s young daughter who insisted that they be told … just so.

White Castle Branch (Iberville) – Tues June 14 at 2pm
Julian Poydras Branch (Pointe Coupee) – Wed June 15 at 10am
Livonia Branch (Pointe Coupee) – Wed June 15 at 2pm
New Roads Main Library (Pointe Coupee) – Thurs June 16 at 10am
Innis Branch Library (Pointe Coupee) – Thurs June 16 at 1:30pm
Morganza Branch (Pointe Coupee) – Thurs June 16 at 4:30pm
Delmont Gardens Branch (EBR) – Wed June 22 at 1pm
East Iberville (Iberville) – Thurs June 23 at 10:30am
Baker Branch (EBR) – Thurs June 23 at 2pm
Zachary Branch (EBR) – Mon June 27 at 2pm
Scotlandville Branch (EBR) – Tues June 28 at 10am
Bluebonnet Regional (EBR) – Tues June 28 at 2:30pm
Central Branch (EBR) – Thurs June 30 at 2pm
Fairwood Branch (EBR) – Tues July 5 at 2pm
Jones Creek Regional (EBR) – Wed July 6 at 10am
Main Library (EBR) – Wed July 6 at 2:30pm
Carver Branch (EBR) – Thurs July 7 at 2pm
Pride-Chaneyville Branch (EBR) – Mon July 11 at 10am
Greenwell Spring Branch (EBR) – Tues July 12 at 2pm
Eden Park Branch (EBR) – Wed July 13 at 10am