Wish List

Each year there are certain materials, tools, and equipment, and sponsorship that are needed in order for Playmakers to produce the performances and educational programming necessary to fulfill its mission. As our organization continues to grow, it is necessary for Playmakers to expand its resources and become more self-sufficient. The materials and equipment Playmakers hopes to be able to purchase are integral to the operation of the organization and serve to strengthen its mission of providing the highest quality entertainment and educational experiences for young audiences. If you are interested in providing any of the items below, contact Todd Henry at todd@playmakersbr.org or 225-578-6996 to make arrangements. Thank you for your generosity!

• Microphone elements: $200/ea

• New carpet squares with Playmakers logo: $800

• DSLR Videocamera: $1,400

• Merchandise Refrigerator: $1,500

• Office Computer: $600

• Cordless Drills: $300

• Season Posters and Programs: $2,500

• Sponsor an Artist in Residence: $12,000 ($1,000 per month)

• Sponsor a Technician in Residence: $12,000 ($1,000 per month)

• Adopt an Actor: $500+

• Adopt a School: $500

• Send a Child to Summer Camp: $250-550

• Sponsor a Production: $20,000

• Co-Sponsor a Production: $10,000

• Sponsor a Season: $60,000

• Educational Tour: $3,000

• General Operating Gifts: $2,000-5,000